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Blockchain-powered data validation solution


V-ID is a blockchain-powered data validation platform. The project aims to safely certify and secure all digital assets, so fraud and errors no longer hold back innovations in digitalization.

Any user can register a file with the V-ID platform, which will create a hash that corresponds to this particular file, then store it on a blockchain of the user's choice. Since any change in the file will make its hash vastly different, the V-ID platform can easily detect any file tampering on behalf of the user.

The V-ID token ("VIDT") is used as the means for payment in the V-ID platform. It can be used to issue transactions which record hash of the file, timestamp, personal and corporate wallet addresses, etc.

KEY METRICS (as at February 20th 2020)

Price$0.2459 (2,558 sats)
Current Mkt. Cap$9.99 MM
24H Volume$1.98 MM
30 Day Avg. Volume$0.65 MM
Circ. Supply40,607,221 VIDT (68.71%)
Total Supply59,099,205 VIDT
Project Websitehttps://about.v-id.org
Project Teamhttps://about.v-id.org/team
Project Githubhttps://github.com/V-ID/V-ID-Token
Project WhitepaperLink



  • Private Sale: Conducted between between August 15th and October 15th 2018 for 0.084 USD / VIDT at an average rate of 6,521 USD = 1 BTC and 1.176 USD = 1 EUR, and raised a total of 0.85 MM USD, for 10,080,000 VIDT. The Private Sale was conducted in BTC and EUR, and raised a total of 2 BTC and 708,626 EUR.
  • Public Sale: Conducted between October 15th and December 24th 2018 for 0.126 USD / VIDT at an average rate of 171 USD = 1 ETH, 4,490 USD = 1 BTC and 1.163 USD = 1 EUR, and raised a total of 2.40 MM USD, for 19,070,000 VIDT. The Public Sale was conducted in ETH, BTC and EUR, and raised a total of 811 ETH, 39 BTC and 1,795,562 EUR.

Token Supply Distribution

The VIDT token had an initial total supply of 100,000,000. However, 32,850,000 unsold tokens were burnt, reducing the total supply to 67,150,000. In addition, the V-ID team conducts a monthly buyback & burn program, which further reduced the total supply to 59,099,205 as the time of writing.

  • Public Sale tokens comprise 19.07% of initial total supply.
  • Private Sale tokens comprise 10.08% of initial total supply.
  • Team tokens comprise 3.00% of initial total supply.
  • Advisors tokens comprise 2.00% of initial total supply.
  • Validation Pool tokens comprise 12.00% of initial total supply.
  • Ecosystem Development Fund tokens comprise 10.00% of initial total supply.
  • Bounty Program tokens comprise 7.15% of initial total supply.

Token Release Schedule

Please note that the 12,000,000 VIDT tokens stored in the Validation Pool are planned to never go into circulation; the following release schedule for Ecosystem Development Fund tokens assumes V-ID will win the Binance Community Vote.


V-ID will focus on Europe, Asia, and the Middle-East for its initial community development, before expanding into other regions of the world.

Current community growth strategies of V-ID include:

  • Constantly reaching out to Business-to-Customer service providers for V-ID integration.
  • Working with the Fantom Foundation on government-related projects to increase brand awareness.
  • Updating the community constantly via social media channels.

Future community growth strategies of V-ID include:

  • Co-hosting meetups and conferences with partner exchanges and projects.
  • Working with industry thought-leaders to promote V-ID integration.

Community and Social Channels (as at February 20th 2020)

Telegram News Channel (English) | 4.0K Subscribers
Twitter (English) | 6.9K Followers
Medium (English) | 132 Subscribers
Unofficial Telegram Community (English) | 1.8K Members