Connectors and Toolkits on the Blockchain


DREP is committed towards building connectors and toolkits based on blockchain technology, providing solutions that are flexible and convenient for developers and users in general. Developers will be able to easily integrate multiple public-chain versions of dApps, built-in wallets and asset trading platforms using the DREP Chain, DREP Decentralized ID, DREP Software Development Kit ("SDK"), and DREP Client.

The DREP Chain utilizes the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerant algorithm, and is compatible with smart contracts in the Ethereum Virtual Machine and WebAssembly formats. The DREP Chain has a dual-layer structure consisting of a root chain and customizable sub-chains. DREP proposes the concept of Smart Pipeline to improve data processing ability. A node can transmit real-time data executed in a smart contract to external applications through the Smart Pipeline, which will then take the results back to the blockchain after the computation is done. Smart Pipeline aims to handle more complex application scenarios while offering a more flexible and economical execution process with zero gas consumption.

The DREP token has multiple roles including being the network gas fee, means of payment for transactions between sub-chains and for trading assets in future DREP games, etc.

KEY METRICS (as at January 13th 2020)

Price$0.00311 (38 sats)
24H Mkt. Cap$6.93 MM
30 Day Avg. Mkt. Cap$5.98 MM
24H Volume$0.20 MM
30 Day Avg. Volume$0.38 MM
Circ. Supply2,225,980,000 DREP (22.26%)
Total Supply10,000,000,000 DREP
Project Websitehttps://www.drep.org
Project Teamhttps://www.drep.org/advisory
Project Githubhttps://github.com/drep-project
Project WhitepaperLink


  • January 2020: Announced partnership with real-estate group Landream
  • December 2019: Released DREP Client V1.3.0
  • October 2019: Launched gamification tool, DREP Mining
  • September 2019: Launched DREP pre-mainnet, DREP-Planck
  • September 2019: Launched cross-chain tool, DREP Bridge
  • September 2019: Announced partnership with gaming company Bijiaqi
  • June 2019: Announced partnership with the USYD Blockchain Society


  • Strategic Sale: Conducted in May 2018 at a rate of 86,602 DREP = 1 ETH and 1,410,018 DREP = 1 BTC at ~$0.00539 per DREP, raised a total of 6,928 ETH and 100 BTC (~$3.99MM), selling 7.40% of total token supply. By March 2020, DREP will initiate a token buy-back scheme, in which 5.55% of total token supply sold in the Strategic Sale will be bought back and stored in the Foundation Reserve.
  • Private Presale: Conducted in June 2018 at a rate of 71,320 DREP = 1 ETH and raised a total of 6,309 ETH (~$2.95MM) at ~$0.00655 per DREP, selling 4.50% of total token supply.
  • Public Presale: Conducted in July 2018 at a rate of 67,357 DREP = 1 ETH and raised a total of 13,806 ETH (~$6.44MM) at ~$0.00693 per DREP, selling 9.30% of total token supply.
  • Public Sale: Conducted in August 2018 at a rate of 60,622 DREP = 1 ETH and raised a total of 9,897 ETH (~$4.62MM) at ~$0.0077 per DREP, selling 6.00% of total token supply.
  • Gate.io Startup Sale: Conducted in April 2019 at a rate of 196 DREP = 1 GT and raised a total of 5,100,000 GT (~$3.06MM) at ~$0.00306 per DREP, selling 10.00% of total token supply.

Token Supply Distribution

  • Strategic Sale tokens will comprise 1.85% of total token supply after the token buy back scheme.
  • Private Presale tokens comprise 4.50% of total token supply.
  • Public Presale tokens comprise 9.30% of total token supply.
  • Public Sale tokens comprise 6.00% of total token supply.
  • Gate.io Startup Sale tokens comprise 10.00% of total token supply.
  • Ecosystem Development tokens comprise 18.00% of total token supply.
  • Developer Community tokens comprise 15.00% of total token supply.
  • Team & Advisors tokens comprise 17.80% of total token supply.
  • Foundation Reserve tokens will comprise 17.55% of total token supply after the token buy back scheme.

Token Release Schedule


DREP placed its initial community development emphasis on China, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia. DREP will gradually expand into other regions after its mainnet launch.

Current community growth strategies of DREP include:

  • Collaborating with DREP’s enterprise and local technical partners in Asia and Australia to organize online and offline events.
  • Securing endorsements from Key Opinion Leaders.
  • Partnering with prominent universities such as Nanyang Technological University of Singapore to conduct blockchain hackathons.
  • Encouraging more DREP ecosystem participants to experience DREP SDK and learn about token functionalities.
  • Launching more gamification tools such as DREP Mining.

Future community growth strategies of DREP include:

  • Launching innovative staking programs.
  • Securing more partnerships with enterprise clients.
  • Incorporating User Fission Management tools in the DREP SDK.

Community and Social Channels (as at January 13th 2020)

Telegram (English) | 18.1K Members
Telegram (Chinese) | 4.3K Members
Telegram (Russian) | 432 Members
KakaoTalk 1 (Korean) | 344 Members
KakaoTalk 2 (Korean) | 218 Members
Twitter (English) | 3.6K Followers
Twitter (Korean) | 482 Followers
Twitter (Russian) | 103 Followers
Medium (English) | 448 Followers
Naver Blog (Korean) | 221 Followers