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Enterprise blockchain platform optimized for hybrid deployments

What is Aergo?

Aergo Chain is an open-source hybrid blockchain protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency AERGO. Aimed at enterprise and government level use cases, it combines aspects of public (trust/decentralised) and private (performance/control) technologies. The Aergo Platform provides a set of infrastructure components for enterprises and developers to host blockchain applications based on the Aergo Chain. Aergo offers a smart contract engine supporting Lua and SQL, and also a number of features such as distributed version and concurrency control. Private blockchains on the Aergo platform run on a Leader-based Proof of Authority consensus mechanism powered RAFT algorithm, while the public blockchain network, the Aergo mainnet, runs on a Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism.

In order to vote and manage block producers, AERGO tokens need to be acquired and staked. Users are able to utilize the platform to pay enterprise-grade cloud providers such as large telecommunications firms to host their private blockchains on dedicated nodes, rather than going through the cumbersome process of hosting these blockchains themselves - a functionality that is also unlocked via AERGO tokens. Enterprise clients will need to use the AERGO utility token to acquire extra application services from other third parties. Additionally, all of Blocko’s (Samsung-backed) future services will be based on the new Aergo Enterprise products that requires AERGO tokens to work.

An example use case in production using Aergo includes a solution adopted by Lotte Card for over 25 million users for fingerprint credit card verifications. It allows Lotte Card to get automated attestations to whether a fingerprint submitted at checkout matches the identity of the credit card owner. The solution is built using a version of Aergo’s Lua smart contracts with SQL integration. SQL integration has been verified to save Lotte Card 90% of their security expenditures for fingerprint authentication due to the blockchain system’s ability to eliminate the need for manual verification of fingerprints. Other clients using Aergo-based solutions include Hyundai Motor Group, Korea Stock Exchange, Shinhan Bank, POSCO, and more.

KEY METRICS [as of 19 Nov 2019]

Price$0.0509 (628 sats)
24H Mkt. Cap$5.29MM
30 Day Avg. Cap$6.27 MM
24H Volume$3.72MM
30 Day Avg. Volume$2.93 MM
Circ. Supply103,934,838 (20.7%)
Max Supply500,000,000 AERGO
Project Websitehttps://www.aergo.io/
Project Teamhttps://www.aergo.io/about
Project Githubhttps://github.com/aergoio
Project WhitepaperLink

Recent News

  • Nov 2019: Aergo Mainnet 2.0 Protocol Launch
  • Nov 2019: Aergo Quarterly Project Update Q3 2019
  • Oct 2019: AERGO listed on Samsung Blockchain Wallet
  • Oct 2019: Aergo 1.3.0 Java Database Connectivity (“JDBC”) release
  • Oct 2019: Aergo Lite V1.0 release
  • Oct 2019: Aergo Decentralized Identification (“DID”) V 1.0 release
  • Sep 2019: OpenKeyChain v1.0 release
  • Sep 2019: Aergo Enterprise Manager (“AEM”) v1.0 release
  • Sep 2019: AERGO-ETH 2way Swap Launch

Token Sale Overview

  • Private Sale: Conducted in multiple rounds from July 2018 to November 2018 raising a total of 71,721 ETH ($25.38MM) at an average rate of $0.187 per AERGO..
  • Call Option: A call option of 20MM AERGO tokens with early business supporters was issued on November 2018 at an exercise price of $0.187 and $0.167, exercisable end March 2021 that will generate a further $3.36MM (if exercised).

AERGO Token Distribution

AERGO Token Release Schedule

The following chart represents the number and breakdown of all AERGO that are to be released into circulation on a monthly basis.

25% of total AERGO supply is allocated to staking. The staking tokens are loaned to major network nodes (Telco partners across Asia and Europe) in an evenly distributed amount for them to secure the Mainnet as part of a 10 year contractual agreement. The loan is being used to incentivize these partners to integrate their secure cloud capabilities with the Aergo platform architecture to allow for instant provisioning of business services running on Aergo.


Aergo has prioritized South Korea, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, China and Germany as the initial key geographical regions for its community development.

Aergo's current community development strategies include:

  • Global block producer program to educate and incentivize block producers
  • International community bounty/ambassador programs for Aergo promotion
  • Participate/host blockchain related conferences and meetups
  • Release weekly technical & community updates; Monthly newsletters
  • Comprehensive quarterly project updates with full financial information and corporate strategy disclosures

Aergo's future community development strategies include:

  • Launch diverse range of products built on Aergo platform and build partnerships with enterprise partners and customers
  • Conduct programs that support decentralized application development and publishing
  • Host global hackathons and AMAs to engage with developers and crypto communities
  • Expand media coverage and partnerships with universities, research institutions and blockchain projects

Community and Social Channels

Aergo community and social channels stats as of Nov 19, 2019:

Telegram (English) | 10.4K Members
KakaoTalk (Korean) | 600 Members
Twitter (English) | 8K Followers
Medium (English) | 3K Followers
Reddit (English) | 1.3K Followers
WeChat (Chinese) | 693 Members
Weibo (Chinese) | 3.0K Followers