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logoWrapped Beacon ETH (WBETH)

A Reward-bearing ETH Liquid Staking Token Offered by Binance.
  • WBETH is a reward-bearing ETH liquid staking token offered by Binance.
  • Each WBETH represents 1 BETH (1:1 to staked ETH) plus all of its accrued ETH2.0 staking rewards starting from when WBETH's conversion rate was initialized at 1:1 on Apr 27th 2023 00:00 (UTC+0).
  • WBETH will allow users to obtain immediate liquidity and participate in DeFi projects, while ensuring their eligibility to receive the corresponding ETH staking rewards.
  • On-chain users can stake their ETH to obtain WBETH by interacting with the official smart contract provided by Binance. Binance users can wrap their BETH tokens to WBETH, and unwrap their WBETH to BETH tokens on the Binance ETH Staking page at zero fees.