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logoWOO Network (WOO)

A Liquidity Network Connecting Traders and Institutions.
  • WOO Network is a liquidity network connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms through their suite of products including WOO X, Wootrade and WOOFi. The native WOO tokens are currently available on 6 chains including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, Fantom, and HECO.
  • WOO is the native token of the WOO Network, with the following use cases:
    • Collateral: WOO tokens can be used as collateral for borrowing and lending.
    • Liquidity mining: WOO rewards can be earned by providing liquidity to LPs on DEXes.
    • Staking: Users are able to stake WOO tokens on WOO Network's various products including:
      • Staking on WOO X allows users to reduce trading fees, unlock zero-fee trading on WOO X, and increase referral rebates.
      • Staking on WOOFi users receive xWOO tokens, which represent a share of the staking pool, and earn a share of WOOFi swap fees.
    • Burn Mechanism: 50% of Wootrade's revenue will be used to fund the monthly buyback and burn of WOO tokens.
  • WOO Network consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
    • WOO X: A zero-fee CeFi trading platform for professional and institutional traders.
    • WOOTrade: A service that provides institutional clients access to WOO Network's liquidity to upgrade their order books.
    • WOOFi: A DEX with a suite of DeFi products.
  • As at February 8th 2022, the maximum and total token supply of WOO is 3,000,000,000 and 2,990,413,144 respectively. The circulating supply is 88,127,163 (approximately 29.60% of the maximum token supply).
  • Learn more about the token distribution of WOO here.