logoWePower (WPR)

A Marketplace To Buy Green Energy.
  • WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. Through the use of tokenization, WePower aims to "help more companies to access direct green energy procurement".
  • WePower offers renewable energy producers the ability raise capital by issuing their own energy tokens. These tokens represent the energy they commit to produce and deliver: Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA). Through a set of tokenization standards, it would simplify and develop the existing energy investment ecosystem on a global scale.
  • Features would include fractional contracting and off-taker aggregation (i.e., possibility to enforce buyer limits), a standardized procurement, secondary trading venues for PPA, lower contracting costs, and an auction-based pricing for PPA.
  • WPR token is a utility token offering access to an energy donation pool constantly filled with 0.9% of energy sold via the auctions WePower platform. It also provides a priority access to energy auctions. Token holders for a 2-day period for every auction can purchase an energy amount equal or less to the share of all WPR tokens they hold.