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logoUniLend (UFT)

A Permissionless DeFi Protocol.
  • UniLend is a permission-less DeFi protocol that combines spot trading and lending/borrowing functionality within the same platform.
  • UniLend will allow anyone to list any ERC-20 asset for decentralized trading, lending and borrowing. The aim of the platform is to offer users a full range of asset management capabilities in one product.
  • The UFT token is the ERC-20 native utility token of the UniLend platform. UFT will carry multiple use cases within the UniLend ecosystem:
    • Governance: Parameters related to the protocol will be decided by UFT holders via proposals that require majority consensus to be implemented.
    • Staking and Yield Farming: UFT holders will be able to participate in staking on UniLend in order to receive a percentage of the fees generated by the platform and can also yield farm UFT tokens by adding liquidity and lending to / borrowing from selected pools.
    • Discounted Transaction Fees: UniLend will implement meta transactions, allowing platform users to pay cheaper fees using UFT compared to ETH.
  • The UnilLend platform includes the following features:
    • Support for Synthetic Assets: Synthetic real-world assets and derivatives (like major stocks such as FAANG and Tesla) in addition to gold, silver, etc.
    • Permissionless Uncollateralized Lending: The platform will launch a permissionless flash loan pool, offering this new financial tool for any ERC-20 asset.
  • As of February 23rd 2021, the current circulating supply of UFT tokens is 25,557,500. The total supply of UFT is 100,000,000 tokens.