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logoSwerve (SWRV)

An Exchange Liquidity Pool for Stablecoins.
  • Swerve is an exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum that is designed for efficient stablecoin trading. The project is a code fork of Curve, with one of the key differences being the Swerve team does not have a share in liquidity mining rewards.
  • SWRV is the native utility token of the Swerve platform, and is used for voting in platform governance. Users can earn the SWRV token by providing liquidity on the platform.
  • Since Swerve's current pools only support stablecoins, liquidity providers experience minimal impermanent loss, which can occur in liquidity pools where tokens with large value fluctuations are traded.
  • The Swerve liquidity pool is integrated with, which utilizes Aave and Compound, to maximize yield for liquidity providers even when their tokens are idle.

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