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logoSuperVerse (SUPER)

An Ecosystem of NFT and Gaming Projects.
  • SuperVerse is a decentralized ecosystem uniting multiple products under a single governance token, SUPER. SuperVerse’s products have two core verticals: NFT Marketplace and Gaming. SuperVerse was rebranded from SuperFarm.
  • SUPER is SuperVerse’s native utility token. The current use cases for SUPER include:
    • Governance: SUPER token holders will be able to create SuperVerse DAO Improvement Proposals (SVIP) and vote on platform governance issues. Governance will extend to decisions concerning fees generated from ecosystem products that are sent to the DAO treasury.
    • Fees & Purchases: SUPER is required for access to core features of the platform.
  • The SuperVerse consists of the following products:
    • GigaMart: GM is the first NFT marketplace built by true Web3 obsessed degens.
    • Impostors: Impostors is a gameplay-first social metaverse aimed at attracting mainstream users with immersive and seamless onboarding. Impostors believes that empowering content creators is the most important battle to win in appealing to the explosive world of web2 gamers, and that social gaming is the fertile grounds for innovation.
  • As of November 30th 2022, the total supply of SUPER is 1,000,000,000 and the current circulating supply is 403,829,654.42 (~40.38% of total token supply).
  • Learn more about the token distribution of SUPER here.