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logoRSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF)

Enabling Decentralized Sharing Economies on Bitcoin Technology.
  • The RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) is an open and decentralized suite of infrastructure protocols that leverage smart contracts on top of the Bitcoin network to enable easier, faster and scalable development of dApps.
  • The RSK Smart Contract Network underlying RIF is the first open-source smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network, and includes identity, storage, communications and payments layers for the creation of Decentralized Sharing Economies (DSE).
  • The RIF token is the ERC-677 utility token of the RIF which allows any token holder to consume the services and dApps built with RSK architecture. The RIF token has the following use cases:
    • Network Fees: dApps built on the network utilize RIF as the underlying payment token.
    • Staked Collateral: RIF can be staked as collateral for minting various assets within the RIF DeFi ecosystem such as RIF Dollar (RDOC).
  • The RIF ecosystem contains a suite of products, including DeFi, storage, name service, and payment solutions. Below are some of the primary components:
    • RIF on Chain: stable asset solution that includes the RDOC, an asset-backed stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar and fully collateralized with RIF tokens.
    • Token Bridge: an interoperability protocol allowing users to move tokens between the RSK and Ethereum networks in a quick and cost-efficient manner.
    • RSK Swap: an automated liquidity protocol implemented using a system of non-upgradeable smart contracts.
    • RWallet: send and receive RIF, BTC, smartBitcoin (RBTC), and other RIF based assets via mobile phone.
    • RIF Marketplace: a market where RIF-based decentralized services such as domain exchange, persistent storage, and RIF Payments, among others, are available to users.
  • Details of RIF token distribution can be found here.

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