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logoRadicle (RAD)

A Decentralized Code Collaboration Network Built on Open Protocols.
  • Radicle is a decentralized code collaboration network built on open protocols. It enables developers to collaborate on code without relying on trusted intermediaries.
  • RAD is the governance token of the project. The current use cases for RAD includes:
    • Discounted fees or free services: Services offered by Radicle on Ethereum are free or discounted for token holders.
    • Governance: Token holders will be able to submit and vote on governance proposals to influence the development of the Radicle smart contract system.
  • The protocol consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
    • Radicle Link: A peer-to-peer protocol with a generic distributed version control backend.
    • Radicle Orgs: A decentralized, platform-agnostic, and more secure alternative to centralized services like GitHub and Gitlab. Relying on smart contracts instead of admins, Radicle Orgs allows developers to define the rules and permissions around codebases in a trust-minimized way.
  • As at October 7th 2021, the maximum and total token supply of RAD is 99,999,130 and the circulating supply is 20,964,707 (~20.9% of the total token supply).
  • Learn more about the token distribution here.