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logoProsper (PROS)

A Short-Term Non-Custodial Prediction & Hedging Platform.
  • Prosper is a short-term non-custodial prediction & hedging platform built on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain.
  • PROS is the native utility token of the platform and has the following use cases:
    • Governance: All platform fees will contribute to Prosper’s Smart Treasury. DAO governance participants will receive a part of the Smart Treasury on a monthly basis.
    • Custom pools: Users will be able to create custom prediction pools. In order to create a custom pool, users need to hold some amount of PROS tokens in their wallet. Pool Owners can adjust parameters such as the pool fee rate, and timeframe.
    • Insurance system: With Prosper Insurance, 15% of the total losing bets are redistributed back to the eligible losing participants. Each pool has its own insurance fund calculated and distributed immediately at the pool settlement. Users must hold PROS to participate in the program. If a bet is lost, PROS holders receive a cashback in the prediction currency, but their PROS will be locked for 14 days.
    • Platform fees: Users will receive a 50% discount by paying in PROS. Platform fees received in PROS are subsequently burned.
  • The platform consists of the following products:
    • Prediction Pools: Prosper consists of pools, which are single prediction markets. Each pool consists of two sides: bulls and bears. In addition to “house” pools, users will also be able to create custom prediction pools, which require holding PROS tokens. Pool owners can set a custom fee rate and profit from the pool.
    • Liquidity Program: Prosper will utilize liquidity from liquidity providers (LPs) to seed pools. For pools in which bets are not proportionally matched, LPs provide funds in return for a portion of platform fees in PROS tokens.
  • Please click here for more details of the token distribution.