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logoPowerPool (CVP)

Structured DeFi products powered by on-chain automation strategies.
  • PowerPool protocol offers actively-managed structured DeFi products like vaults and diversified thematic indices built on top of modular asset management strategies powered by the PowerAgent automation network. PowerPool DAO’s mission is to create capital-efficient structured DeFi products deployed across all EVM-compatible networks.
  • PowerPool and the PowerAgent network have been operating on Ethereum, and has started to deploy on BNB Chain with BSCDEFI, a diversified basket/index of DeFi tokens primarily running on BNB Chain, with auto-harvesting of intrinsic yield for token holders.
  • CVP is the native governance token of PowerPool DAO and the PowerAgent Network with multiple token use cases:
    • Stake as xCVP to share in 100% of the fees earned by the protocol.
    • Participate in DAO governance votes to influence the platform development on various issues, such as index products, DAO Treasury management, allocation of liquidity mining rewards, etc…
    • Stake CVP to PowerAgent Network Keepers to earn fees for timely signing transactions.
  • The PowerPool protocol consists of the following components working in conjunction:
    • Power Index: a community-governed Decentralized Finance (DeFi) index using pooled tokens for meta-governance and fund-management strategies. The Power Index Pool Token (PIPT) is a token representing a share of the index.
    • Power Oracle: a decentralized cross-chain price oracle, using Uniswap V2 as a primary data source of Time-Weighted Average Prices (TWAPs). The Power Oracle allows token holders to stake CVP, request and record data from the oracle, and earn CVP rewards in return.
  • The CVP token had no pre-mine or token sale and is distributed to users via liquidity mining. The token has a total supply of 100,000,000, with 15% mined before mainnet launch and the remaining 85% to be mined afterward.

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