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logoPhoenix (PHB)

Blockchain Infrastructure Empowering Intelligent Web3 Applications.
  • Phoenix is a full blockchain infrastructure platform for intelligent Web3 applications
  • Phoenix provides a blockchain-native solution for scaling data-intensive applications and enables advanced analytics, MPC (multi-party computation), and AI capabilities for Web3 applications and dApps.
  • PHB is the native token for the network. Current PHB use cases include:
    • Unit of value: Serves as unit of value for all Mainnet transactions
    • Layer 2 credits: Convertable to Layer 2 Data Credits for use on Computational Layer 2
    • Data usage credits: Use as data usage credits for Phoenix Oracle
    • Staking: Can be stakedvia Phoenix Staker
  • The project consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
    • Layer 1: A robust enterprise-grade EVM compatible blockchain
    • Layer 2: Computational layer for scaling data, privacy and AI applications, usable with mainstream deep learning AI frameworks such as TensorFlow
    • Phoenix Oracle: Integrated oracle serving as middleware for connecting real-world data
  • As of November 28, 2022, the maximum token supply of PHB is 41,026,970, and the circulating supply is 37,136,774.79 (~90.50% of maximum supply).