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logoOrion Protocol (ORN)

Aggregating Liquidity in One Decentralized Platform.
  • Orion Protocol allows its user to access liquidity from both centralized and decentralized exchanges in a non-custodial manner.
  • Orion Protocol products include:
    • Orion trading terminal: Execution of trades across different exchange platforms for traders and investors.
    • Portfolio management application: Monitoring of assets across exchanges, setting alarms for arbitrage opportunities and automating processes in a non-custodial manner.
    • App Store: Purchase of decentralized applications such as arbitrage apps, algorithmic trading bots, and payment integration systems.
    • Liquidity plugins for exchanges: Plug-ins for both centralized and decentralized exchanges to place on their own platform, contributing to Orion’s aggregated liquidity.
    • DEX launcher: Enabling users to launch their own decentralized exchange with access to Orion’s liquidity.
  • ORN, the ERC-20 token of Orion Protocol, holds the following utility:
    • Broker staking: Liquidity providers (brokers) stake ORN tokens to join a liquidity pool. The more ORN they stake, the higher chance they get to execute orders, which in turn generates fees for the broker.
    • Staking rewards: Non-brokers will be able to stake ORN to vote for brokers and receive a portion of fees from trades that the brokers execute.
    • Discounts: Fee discounts will be applied when ORN is use to pay for fee within the Orion Terminal.
    • Licensing fee: Licensing fee will be collected from the Liquidity Boost Plugin, DEX kit and Enterprise Trade Widget.

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