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logoNumeraire (NMR)

A Platform for Crowdsourcing Intelligence and Data Marketplaces.
  • Numeraire is the creator of Erasure, a live protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that allows the staking and burning of NMR tokens, the native token of the Erasure Protocol.
  • Erasure's current use cases include the following:
    • Numerai Tournament: A hedge fund that trades equities based on an aggregation of thousands of predictions made by a global network of competing data scientists.
    • Numerai Signals: An ongoing tournament to gather Russell 3000 stock predictions.
    • Erasure Bay: An information exchange marketplace where any type of information can be traded, including valuation models, product feedback, and more.
  • The NMR token can be used as payment for data, tournament payouts, staking, and is also burnt as a way to punish bad actors on applications built on the Erasure Protocol.

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