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logoNexus (NXS)

An Hybrid Universal Blockchain.
  • Nexus is an open source blockchain and peer-to-peer network. Nexus is a hybrid Proof-of-Work/ Proof-of-Stake network and has been operating since September 2014.
  • The project has the mission to be an "open-source blockchain to support decentralization, innovative applications and responsible values".
  • Since its launch, the project has undergone a series of improvements. The most prominent one, the Tritium upgrade, has transformed the Nexus blockchain into a seven-layered software stack powering a register-based contract engine, which can support up to ~ 45k contracts per second.
  • NXS is the cryptocurrency that runs on the Nexus blockchain. Fuel of the Nexus ecosystem, it is used to reward miners to build blocks and provides an annual reward yield (0.5% - 3.0%) to stakers willing to secure the network.