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logoNew Bitshares (NBS)

Decentralized Public Chain for Financial Smart Contracts, and a Fork of Bitshares.
  • New BitShares (NBS) is a fork of BitShares (BTS), a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) public blockchain infrastructure that started off as a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The fork continues to work based on a DPoS consensus, and this fork will only reverse the functions that have not been approved by the BTS committee for BTS4.0, other functions of BTS4.0 will continue to be used.
  • The functions that will not be included in NBS include: 1. Voting weight decay, 2. One vote for one vote committee elections, 3. Locked voting, 4. Counting of non-locked accounts votes as zero, and 5.Removal of rights to vote when BTS is used as collateral.
  • The NBS token is used for transaction fees, voting, as a store of value, as collateral, and staking within the New BitShares Network.

Development activity