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logoNervos Network (CKB)

A flexible smart contract platform, secured by proof of work.
  • Nervos is a layered blockchain network built from the ground up to ensure decentralization, security, as well as scalability through various Layer 2 solutions.
  • It prioritizes compatibility with diverse wallet solutions & interoperability with the ability to verify consensus of other blockchains.
  • The project consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
    • CKB-VM: A low-level virtual machine based on the RISC-V computer instruction set that supports all programming languages, environments, and cryptographic primitives.
    • NC-Max: A Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism that maximizes network throughput by leveraging dynamic block times and a propose/commit transaction process.
    • Cell Model: A novel UTXO-based accounting model that reduces smart contract attack surface and supports all scaling solutions, including Rollups, sidechains, and payment channels
  • Nervos’ native token is CKB. It has the following use cases:
    • On-chain storage: 1 CKB = 1 byte of on-chain storage ownership. Holders can update the on-chain space they occupy as often as they wish, as long as they hold the CKB.
    • Governance: CKB holders are granted governance rights and a portion of the secondary CKB issuance through the Nervos DAO.
    • Transaction & State Rent Fees: CKB is used for transaction fee payments and state rent income allocated to miners directly through block rewards.
  • CKB has primary and secondary issuance.
    • Primary is hard-capped and halves every 4 years.
    • Secondary is constant & uncapped (1.344b/year).
  • As of February 1st, 2023, the total circulating supply is ~39.5 billion CKB.
  • Learn more about the CKB issuance schedule here and its tokenomics here.

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