logoMeasurable Data Token (MDT)

A Decentralized Data Exchange Economy.
  • Measurable Data Token (MDT) aims to provide a decentralized data economy, where data providers and data buyers can exchange data securely and anonymously.
  • MyMDT is a decentralized application based on Ethereum that allows users to get rewards for sharing anonymous data points. The application has been integrated in the following apps: MailTime, Magic Crystal and Email Messenger.
  • The project also aims to provide accurate, real-time and actionable consumer insights to businesses via Measurable AI.
  • The MDT token is an ERC-20 token, used as the medium of payment for data purchases and user reward programs.

Key metrics (as at June 4th 2020)

Price0.0114 USD
Circ. Supply*700,591,709 MDT (70.06%)
Total Supply1,000,000,000 MDT
24hr Market Cap7.99MM USD
24hr Volume10.63MM USD

*The circulating supply of 700,591,709 MDT assumes that MDT wins the community vote and gets listed on Binance.

1. What is Measurable Data Token (MDT)?

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is an Ethereum-based, decentralized data exchange ecosystem that allows users to monetize and control their own data, while providing data buyers an efficient data trading platform.

MyMDT is a decentralized application that allows users to get rewards for sharing anonymous data points. Users can currently sell their email receipts to data buyers via MyMDT, and get compensated in the MDT token. MyMDT has been integrated in the following apps: MailTime, Magic Crystal and Email Messenger.

For instance, in MailTime, users' anonymously aggregated inbox data will be analyzed, collected and shared with data buyers. Once a user receives an eligible e-receipt, MyMDT will measure the value of the e-receipt data point, and register MDT data rewards through smart contract. Users will be able to claim their data rewards via MyMDT on a weekly basis.

The MDT token is the utility token powering the Measurable Data Token ecosystem, as data buyers are required to pay with the MDT token, and users will be compensated with it.

2. Recent news

3. Economics and supply

3.1 Token sales data

Seed Sale Price0.0200 USD / MDT
Seed Sale DateAugust 2017
Seed Sale Allocation150,000,000 MDT
Seed Sale Funds Raised3.00MM USD (15,000 ETH at 200.00 USD / ETH)
Private Sale Price0.0320 USD / MDT
Private Sale DateOctober - November 2017
Private Sale Allocation350,000,000 MDT
Private Sale Funds Raised11.20MM USD (46,666.00 ETH at 240.00 USD / ETH)

3.2 Token allocations

Seed Sale15.00% of total token supply
Private Sale35.00% of total token supply
Equity Investors10.00% of total token supply
Team24.00% of total token supply
Advisors1.00% of total token supply
User Growth Pool15.00% of total token supply
MDT token allocation
MDT token release schedule

4. Measurable Data Token's activity and community overview

Measurable Data Token will focus its initial community development strategies in China, and will gradually expand to other regions of the world.

Current community growth strategies of Measurable Data Token include:

  • Conducting marketing campaigns via the MailTime application.
  • Working with exchanges and partners in joint campaigns such as meetups, seminars, and live-stream presentations.
  • Partnering with prominent universities such as Nanyang Technological University of Singapore to conduct blockchain hackathons.
  • Curating newsletters and blogs to raise data reward awareness.
  • Conducting weekly update regarding developent progress.

Future community growth strategies of Measurable Data Token include:

  • Launching a series of data reward apps in different data types to gain mainstream adoption.
  • Launching the MDT Ambassador campaigns.
  • Working with Measurable AI’s partners to raise awareness of data reward responsibility among corporate users.

Community and social channels (as at June 4th 2020)

Telegram (English) | 9.4K Members
Telegram (Chinese) | 1.2K Members
Twitter (English) | 8.4K Followers
Medium (English) | 202 Followers
Weibo (Chinese) | 16.6K Followers

5. Appendix