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logoMarlin (POND)

High-Performance Programmable Network Infrastructure For Web 3.0.
  • Marlin is a layer-0 protocol that provides high-performance network infrastructure for decentralized blockchain networks. By optimizing blockchain speed and scale at the network layer, Marlin aims to make the performance of decentralized applications indistinguishable from their Web 2.0 predecessors.

  • POND is Marlin's native utility token and has the following functions:

    • Governance: POND token holders can vote on governance decisions including usage of funds in the treasury and allocation of network resources.
    • Protocol Incentivization: Users can earn POND tokens as rewards when they send or receive data in the Marlin network.
    • Staking: Nodes are required to stake POND tokens to join and participate in the Marlin network.
  • Marlin has created a set of tools for developers and end users including:

    • Marlin SDK: Designed for developers of games, streaming apps, blockchains etc., requiring low-latency one to many communication.
    • Marlin Cache: Functions as a decentralized content delivery network storing popular requests from API feeds and data stores.
    • Marlin Gateway: Allows clients (traders), full nodes, miners, and validators to exchange large blocks and transactions via a low-latency relay network, providing an edge in Gas Price Auctions and scaling blockchains with short block times at layer-0.
  • The project has raised 3MM USD via private token sales,selling 17.23% of total maximum token supply. Marlin did not conduct a public sale. Please click here for more details of the token distribution.

  • As of March 9th 2021, the circulating supply of POND tokens is 434,933,271 with a total supply of 3,184,000,001. POND has a mintable maximum token supply of 10,000,000,000.

Development activity