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A Community-Governed Cross-Chain DeFi Platform.
  • MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on staking, lending, and cross-chain DeFi products. MANTRA DAO has built a suite of DeFi products including a multi-asset staking platform, money markets lending protocol, gamified lottery pool, and stablecoin minting protocol. The suite is currently natively built on Ethereum, but cross-chain products focusing on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Polkadot will also be built in the future.

  • OM is the native utility token of the MANTRA DAO ecosystem and is used for the following functions:

    • Staking: Stakers of DOT and KSM can delegate their assets to the validator nodes of MANTRA DAO and bind their Ethereum addresses on the Mantra Dao platform to farm OM tokens.
    • Lending: Through ZENTEREST, MANTRA DAO’s over-collateralized money markets lending platform, users can supply assets to the platform and borrow tokens against the collateral supplied.
    • Lottery: Users can try their luck at the MANTRA POOL by spending OM tokens to access the MANTRA POOL for a chance to win 25% of the week’s PoS validator rewards.
    • Governance: OM stakers can issue proposals, participate in governance votes, and suggest changes to various parameters in the MANTRA DAO ecosystem.
  • The project has raised $5.9MM from a private and public sale.

    • 9% of the total token supply was sold in a private sale at $0.03 USD / OM.
    • 8.5% of the total token supply was sold in a public sale at $0.05 USD / OM.
  • As of March 8 2021, the total circulating supply of OM is 266,292,858 OM (29.95%) with a max supply of 888,888,888 OM. Detailed breakdown of the token emission schedule can be seen here.

Development activity