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logoGains Network (GNS)

A Decentralized Leveraged Trading Platform.
  • Gains Network is a decentralized leveraged trading platform.
  • GNS is the native token of the project. The current use cases for GNS include:
    • Staking: Platform fees accrue to GNS stakers.
    • Deflationary mechanism: GNS is burned when DAI Vault becomes over-collateralized.
  • The project consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
    • gTrade Platform: Allow users to trade up to 150x on crypto, 1000x on Forex, 100x on stocks and 35x on indices.
    • gDAI Vault: Serving as the counterparty to all traders on the platform, anyone can stake DAI and earn a portion of the trading fees from traders.
  • As at February 17th 2023, the total token supply of GNS is 30,453,619. The current circulating supply is 30,453,619 (~100% of total supply).
  • Learn more about the token distribution of GNS here.