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logodForce (DF)

An Interoperable Open Finance Ecosystem.
  • dForce aims to build an integrated and interoperable open finance and monetary protocol ecosystem, with products including asset protocols, liquidity protocols, and more.
  • The DF token is the ERC-20 native utility token of the platform and is mainly used for the following:
    • Governance: DF token holders can vote on governance decisions and set protocol parameters.
    • Liquidity mining: liquidity providers on dForce are rewarded with DF tokens.
    • Payment: users are required to use the DF token to pay for various services provided by the platform, such as the generation of USDx, GOLDx, etc.
    • System stabilization: DF tokens are minted and auctioned to cover bad debts and recapitalize the platform.
  • As of writing, the project has launched the following products:
    • Asset Protocols: USDx (a synthetic stablecoin backed by USDC, PAX, and TUSD), GOLDx (a digital asset backed by physical gold), and dToken (representation of staked erc-20 assets on the dForce platform).
    • Liquidity Protocol: dForce Trade (a liquidity aggregator for users of decentralized exchanges).
  • Details of the DF token distribution can be found here.

Development activity