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logoConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)

A DAO Movement that Originally Created to Buy a First-Edition Copy of the U.S. Constitution.
  • ConstitutionDAO was a crowd-funding movement to buy a first-edition copy of the U.S. constitution. PEOPLE is the token representing a share of the ConstitutionDAO. Since the bid for the document has failed, the PEOPLE token is now representing a DAO movement with historical significance.
  • Currently, the PEOPLE token has no explicit use cases as the founding team has chosen to close the project and burned their multi-sig that controlled the raised fund.
  • As such, no further PEOPLE tokens can be minted. PEOPLE holders will always have the chance to convert 1,000,000 PEOPLE tokens to 1 ETH.
  • There are several community-based DAOs that have sprung up claiming to use the PEOPLE token as their project’s native token. Notable ones include:
    • PeopleDAO: A DAO governed by the PEOPLE token and aims to maximize the interests of PEOPLE holders. A Snapshot vote was created to initiate the DAO, with a high voter turnout of ~645 million PEOPLE tokens (12.8% of the circulating supply).
    • PEOPLE@BTCdayu: A community DAO created by a Chinese crypto influencer. The tentative roadmap includes releasing NFTs and a DEX.
  • As at December 23rd 2021, the total and circulating token supply of PEOPLE is 5,054,072,056.