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Empowering Everyday Consumers With Control Over Their Own Data.
  • The Carry Protocol (CRE) is a data management platform that empowers users by giving them control over their consumption-related data.
  • Over time, Carry will build anonymized offline profiles of consumers based on their spending habits while consumers can opt-in to trade anonymized data for CRE tokens.
  • The CRE utility token is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • CRE is used by three parties: (1) Consumers may use it as a currency within the Carry ecosystem, while (2) merchants use it to create branded tokens. (3) Third-party advertisers, lastly, pay consumers in CRE for accessing the consumers’ transaction data blockchains.

1. What is Carry Protocol (CRE)?

The Carry Protocol is a sustainable purchase data platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Consumers are rewarded with CRE tokens whenever they share purchase data and receive ads, thereby enabling users to have full control over their data and its monetization.

The CRE token is the ERC-20 utility token for the Carry Protocol. Consumers can use it as currency to pay merchants within the Carry ecosystem, and can earn CRE tokens for sharing purchase data and for receiving targeted ads. When consumers pay for products in offline stores, they can use Carry-integrated apps to share purchase data to receive CRE tokens. Over time, Carry will build anonymized offline profiles of consumers based on their spending habits.

Merchants can also use CRE tokens to create branded tokens or smart contracts and to pay for sending targeted ads to consumers based on the anonymized offline profiles customers create.

2. Economics and supply

The token sale was conducted as follows:

  • Seed Sale: it was conducted in January 2018 for 184,166,667 CRE at a rate of $0.0025 per token and raised a total of 1,706.00 ETH ($0.47MM), selling 1.84% of token supply.
  • Private Sale: it was conducted in May 2018 for 3,438,692,784 CRE at a rate of $0.0060 per token and raised a total of 40,694.59 ETH ($20.71MM), selling 34.39% of token supply.
  • Presale: it was conducted in June 2018 for 373,779,574 CRE at a rate of $0.0046 per token and raised a total of 5,000.40 ETH ($1.71MM), selling 3.74% of token supply.
  • Public Sale: it was conducted in September 2018 for 154,864,093 CRE at a rate of at $0.0042 per token and raised a total of 2,382.52 ETH ($0.66MM), selling 1.55% of token supply.

The amounts of USD raised in the Seed Sale, Private Sale, and Presale are calculated based on the ETH price after the Public Sale.

CRE token distribution (%)

The following chart represents the number and breakdown of all CRE that are to be released into circulation on a monthly basis.

CRE token release schedule

3. Carry's activity and community overview

Carry has prioritized Korea as the key geography and community for initial rollout of its platform, and will gradually expand into other markets as the project develops.

Carry's current community development strategies include:
  • Actively participating in high profile blockchain events and conferences.
  • Regular offline meetups and online AMAs.
  • Monthly project progress newsletters and updates.
  • Airdrop events rewarding top participants of community-growing programs.
  • Engaging in long-cycle business development talks with executives in traditional companies looking to adopt blockchain.
Carry's future community development strategies include:
  • Co-marketing campaign with Spoqa and other partnered companies to increase adoption of Carry-backed services.
  • Cross-marketing with other crypto-projects with their own wallets or apps to increase usage of the Carry app.
  • Release data-sharing and ad-receiving features of Carry along with CRE rewards API.
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