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logoBinaryX (BNX)

A GameFi Platform and IGO Launchpad.
  • BinaryX is a GameFi platform and Initial Game Offering (IGO) launchpad. BinaryX aims to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to incubate, enable, and empower aspiring GameFi developers.
  • BNX is the native token of the project. The current use cases for BNX include:
    • Native Currency: BNX is used as the native in-game currency in every game under the BinaryX GameFi platform.
    • In-game asset: Some key operations of the game require consuming BNX tokens, such as creating heroes in CyberDragon.
    • DAO governance: Each token also represents certain voting rights in BinaryX DAO, allowing stakeholders to engage in the project's development.
  • The project consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
    • GameFi Platform: Consists of multiple self-developed P2E games in different genres such as CyberDragon, CyberArena and CyberChess.
    • Multi-currency: BNX is the governance token, while GOLD, its utility token, is required in most consumption scenarios.
    • IGO Launchpad: A blockchain gaming launchpad focused on metaverse development.
  • As at October 28th 2022, the maximum token supply of BNX is 21,000,000. The current circulating supply is 2,762,923.50 (~13.00% of maximum supply).
  • Learn more about the token distribution of BNX here.