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logoBarnBridge (BOND)

A Derivatives Protocol for Structured Stablecoin Lending Products.
  • BarnBridge is a derivatives protocol focused on structured stablecoin lending products. The protocol allows the unbundling of yield farms into various risk tranches and allows users to deposit stablecoins into junior and senior farming pools.
  • The protocol aggregates user deposits into the underlying money markets and allocates the generated yield onto the different risk profiles which are referred to as tranches.
  • BarnBridge's stablecoin pools are integrated with several DeFi protocols (AAVE, Compound, CREAM Finance), and BarnBridge is working to integrate AAVE's stablecoin pools on Polygon.
  • BOND is the governance token for BarnBridge protocol and is used in the following functions:
  • The protocol consists of the following:
    • SMART Yield: Users can deposit stablecoins into Junior or Senior farming pools. Depositors in the senior pools receive a fixed interest rate, whereas the junior pools are exposed to variable interest rate returns, but are incentivized with BOND tokens.
  • The project raised 1.00MM USD from one round of private token sale, where 7.50% of the BOND total token supply has been sold at 1.33 USD / BOND.
  • As at July 5th 2021, the total supply of BOND is 10,000,000 and the current circulating supply is 3,447,362 BOND (~34.47% of total token supply).

Development activity