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logoAlpha Venture DAO (ALPHA)

A Builder’s DAO.
  • Alpha Venture DAO (formerly Alpha Finance Lab) is a community of daring individuals who shape the future of Web3 by reinventing how decentralized applications (dApps) are built, contributed, and owned.
  • The Alpha Venture DAO ecosystem is made up of 2 parts:
    • Alpha Build: The Alpha team builds cutting-edge products that have synergies and dominate their corresponding markets across multiple chains and verticals.
    • Alpha Incubate: Alpha Venture DAO incubates new innovations and new projects to expand the boundary of Web3.0 use cases.
  • The ALPHA token is the native token of the Alpha Venture DAO. The current use cases include:
    • Staking: Users who stake the ALPHA token can capture value through:
      • Earning fees from the whole Alpha ecosystem.
      • Unlock access to unique features on Alpha’s in-house products.
      • A share of Alpha Incubate projects’ tokens that allows users to take part in Alpha Incubate projects early on.
    • Governance: ALPHA token holders will be required to stake their tokens to vote on Alpha Venture DAO’s governance.
  • The project has raised 1.67MM USD via private token sales at 0.0125 USD / ALPHA.
  • As at April 13th 2022, the maximum and total token supply of ALPHA is 1,000,000,000. The current circulating supply is 446,330,126 (~44.63% of the total token supply).

1. What is Alpha Venture DAO (Formerly Alpha Finance Lab)?

Alpha Venture DAO is a community of daring individuals who aspire to shape the future of Web3 and expand the Web3 ecosystem together with a network of Web3 industry leaders and Alpha community.

Alpha Venture DAO aims to be a massive ecosystem of decentralized applications that capture value regardless of which chains or sectors dominate Web3 in the future. Alpha Venture DAO and ALPHA tokens will be the gateway for the community to contribute meaningfully and truly own high-quality Web3 projects. The ALPHA token is no longer a token for just one single product or project, but rather a proxy for Web3 innovation.

Alpha Venture DAO is reinventing how decentralized applications (dApps) are built, contributed, and owned. For the first time ever, the community will have the chance to contribute to and join promising projects early on, and by contributing, they get to be owners of these projects.

2. Existing product

Alpha Build

  • Each of Alpha's products is carefully curated by the Alpha team with a focus on capturing unaddressed demand in Web3 in an innovative and user-friendly way. The products address market gaps and problems in the sector they are in.

  • This focus underpins the opportunities the Alpha team chooses to evaluate and the decisions they make, as they cannot capture every opportunity, but rather only the ones that have clear unaddressed demand and market gaps and bring synergy to the Alpha ecosystem. By doing so, the Alpha Venture DAO will be able to thrive and dominate in such verticals, continue to disrupt the industry, and bring superior value propositions compared to existing solutions in the market.

  • The flagship product of Alpha Build is Homora. It is a leveraged yield farming and leveraged liquidity providing product in DeFi and the first product by Alpha Venture DAO. Homora was launched in October 2020 on Ethereum, the product has reached significant usage and adoption such that we have expanded on BNB Chain. Today, Homora V2 is a multi-chain platform on Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, and more.

Alpha Incubate

  • Alpha Incubate is the incubation arm of Alpha Venture DAO that selects and mentors high-quality Web3 projects to ensure the projects launch successfully with strong product-market fit, community, investors, and growth trajectory. Their vision is to create a community of builders that focuses on long-term innovation and who come together to push the boundary of Web3 by creating innovative use cases.

  • Under the Alpha Incubate arm, Alpha Venture DAO brings more than 50 global firms, thought leaders, and top minds in Web3, who serve as the Alpha Network, to support and mentor Web3 builders in building and launching their projects. Moreover, projects will also receive exclusive technical and infrastructure support from their key partners.

  • Alpha Incubate offers three unique value propositions:

    • Operating Experience: Get strategic and tactical advice that only builders know and meet value-adding stakeholders who are invested to see you succeed.
    • Community: Tap into their network of heavy Web3 users, thought leaders, and top minds in Web3 who not only use your product but also contribute with their expertise.
    • Track Record: Leverage our unique position being on-the-ground close to users and our network to raise from tier-1 investors.


Source: Alpha Finance Lab.

3. Token sales and economics

3.1 Token sales data

Token NameALPHA
Total Token Supply1,000,000,000 ALPHA
Private Sale Allocation133,333,334 ALPHA
Private Sale Token Price0.0125 USD / ALPHA
Amount Raised Private Sale1.67MM USD
Binance Launchpad Sale Allocation100,000,000 ALPHA
Binance Launchpad Sale Token Price0.02 USD / ALPHA
Binance Launchpad Sale Amount Raised2.00MM USD
Binance Launchpool Allocation50,000,000 ALPHA (5.00%)
Binance Launchpad Sale Allocation100,000,000 ALPHA (10.00%)

3.2 Token allocation

Token NameALPHA
Binance Launchpad10.00% of the total token supply
Binance Launchpool5.00% of the total token supply
Private Sale13.33% of the total token supply
Liquidity Mining20.00% of the total token supply
Team & Advisors15.00% of the total token supply
Ecosystem36.67% of the total token supply
ALPHA token supply distribution (%)
ALPHA token release schedule

3.3 Token governance and use of funds

As of writing, the Alpha Venture DAO team has used approximately 35.00% of funds raised according to the allocations below:

  • 65.00% - Technical and business development
  • 15.00% - Marketing
  • 5.00% - Operations
  • 15.00% - Legal

The Alpha Venture DAO team holds its funds in stablecoins and fiat currencies. Funds are stored in multi-sig wallets and USD bank accounts. The movement of funds requires the approval of 2 executives of Alpha Venture DAO.

4. Project team

Tascha Punyaneramitdee
PCo-founder and Project Lead
Former Head of Strategy at Band Protocol, Investment Banking Analyst at Jefferies.
Nipun Pitimanaaree
Lead Engineer and Blockchain Researcher
Former Chief Research Officer at OZT Robotics.
Arin Trongsantipong
Head of Product and Senior Software Engineer
Former software engineer at SCB 10X, SCBC and Cleverse.
Nattariya Wittayatanaseth
Head of Strategy
Founder of Frontier Fintech Asia.

5. Community

Telegram Announcement

7. Appendix