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logoAlchemy Pay (ACH)

A Payment System Focused on Retail Transactions.
  • Alchemy Pay is a payment system focused on retail transactions at the Point-of-Sale and peer-to-peer remittance. Users can make payments in fiat, stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies on traditional payment systems.
  • ACH is the native token of the project. The current use cases for ACH include:
    • Transaction fees: Users can use ACH tokens to pay for the network's transaction network fees.
    • Access to Alchemy Pay services: Depending on ACH tokens held in users' Alchemy Pay Wallet, grants them access to tiered DeFi products and benefits (i.e. fee discounts).
    • Ecosystem rewards: Users can earn rewards by making payment transactions, referrals, and using DeFi services within the Alchemy Pay ecosystem.
    • Governance: ACH token holders can vote on governance proposals.
  • The project consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
    • Alchemy Pay Wallet: Alchemy Pay's mobile crypto-asset management wallet, which provides hybrid crypto-fiat gateway services for institutions, businesses and individuals.
    • Merchant and Business Networks: Alchemy Pay integrates banks, payment companies, SaaS companies, consumer groups, etc., who have merchant resources and support digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB.
    • Burn Mechanism: A proportion of ACH tokens are burned for each transactions made on the network.
  • As at January 10th 2022, the maximum and total token supply of ACH is 10,000,000,000. The current circulating supply is 3,830,000,000 (~38.30% of the maximum token supply).