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logoAkropolis (AKRO)

A Provider of Passive Yield Generation
  • Launched in 2018, Akropolis is a provider of DeFi products that give users access to efficient passive yield generation on Ethereum, BNB Chain (BSC) and Arbitrum. It aims to provide yield-generating products which do not predominantly rely on inflationary emissions as the main source of yield and to generate returns regardless of the market conditions.
  • AKRO is the native governance token of Akropolis, and is used for voting in platform governance and collecting revenue dividends from products based on Akropolis.
  • As of writing, there are two products built on Akropolis:
    • Vortex: An on-chain basis trading strategy that taps into the various DeFi protocols across ecosystems to generate yields.
    • yVaults: Akropolis provides simplified access to select Yearn vaults for yield optimisation.

Development activity