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logoAkropolis (AKRO)

A Decentralized Protocol for Building Autonomous Financial Organizations.
  • Akropolis is a project on Ethereum that aims to provide the framework and tools to build Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products for users to borrow, lend and invest.
  • Developers can build DeFi products via AkropolisOS, a Solidity framework for creating and managing complex applications and protocols.
  • AKRO is the native governance token of Akropolis, and is used for voting in platform governance and collecting revenue dividends from products based on Akropolis. In the future, AKRO will also be used for participating in the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism of AkroChain.
  • As of writing, there are two products built on Akropolis:
    • Sparta: A lending protocol where liquidity providers can earn interest by providing assets for others to borrow. Borrowers on Sparta are allowed to borrow assets whose value is up to 200% of the value of assets collateralized.
    • Delphi: A yield farming aggregator that allows users to gain yield on savings, earn reward tokens from integrated protocols, and invest in volatile assets (with either an active approach or a passive dollar cost averaging strategy).

Development activity