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logoAirDAO (AMB)

A dApp ecosystem powered by the Ambrosus Network
  • AirDAO is an ecosystem of dApps powered by the Ambrosus Network and available through a single dashboard. AirDAO merges an integrated product strategy with blockchain technology to bring accessibility and consumer-focus to Web3.
  • AMB is the native token of AirDAO. The current use cases for AMB include:
    • Medium of Exchange: AMB serves as the medium of exchange of the AirDAO ecosystem and its dApps. It also acts as the gas necessary to execute on-chain transactions.
    • Validator Node Staking: Users can stake their AMB in AirDAO validator nodes to help power and secure the underlying blockchain network. These validators verify and confirm each block and any accompanying transactions, earning AMB block rewards in return.
    • Storage Node Staking: Users can stake their AMB in AirDAO data-storage nodes to challenge, authenticate, and store any data uploaded to the underlying blockchain network. These nodes compete to store copies of this data securely on the blockchain and, when successful, earn AMB rewards paid out from the initial upload fee over the duration of storage.
    • Delegated Staking: Users can stake their AMB in AirDAO’s delegated staking platform. This requires little-to-no technical knowledge and features simple click-to-stake functionality with zero lockup period. These staked tokens are converted into validators by AirDAO, and users receive their portion of those validators’ AMB block rewards automatically every six hours.
    • Multichain: Users can lock their AMB in AirDAO’s multichain bridge, receiving 1:1 wrapped AMB tokens (wAMB) that allow them to transact on other supported blockchain networks.
    • Governance: Users can lock their AMB to receive 1:1 votelocked AMB (vlAMB). These tokens allow the user to participate in AirDAO ecosystem governance. Active participants who vote on proposals and contribute will share in revenue-based rewards distributed in a series of two-week epochs.
  • The project consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
    • Ambrosus Network: A decentralized Layer-1 blockchain with low transaction costs. AMB-NET has been live since Q1 2019 with zero downtime and is powered by 100+ validators worldwide.
    • Dashboard: A panel integrated with the AirDAO website allowing its entire ecosystem of products and dApps to be accessed through a single user interface.
    • dApp Ecosystem: Current AirDAO products include a network explorer with multichain asset tracking, a decentralized exchange (FirepotSwap), a bridge between the Ambrosus Network, Ethereum and BNB Chain, a native AMB staking platform, and the aforementioned dashboard.
    • DAO Governance: Employing a multi-branch governance structure, AirDAO is utilizing tiered multisig technology and subDAOs to create a Layer-1 community where users are able to create and vote on proposals and actively direct the development and vision of the project. In the future, there will be a toolkit allowing projects to create their own subDAOs within the AirDAO governance umbrella.
    • Stablecoin: Currently under development, AirDAO is building out a decentralized stablecoin solution. This will function as a secondary native exchange medium for the ecosystem with the eventual goal of expanding to other blockchains.
    • Marketplace: AirDAO is designing an App-Store-style marketplace for all of its products and dApps featuring full third-part deployment capabilities and support.
  • As of September 23th 2022, the total token supply of AMB is 1,488,463,069. The current circulating supply is 988,711,978 (66% of the total token supply).
  • View real-time data about the current token supply and distribution of AMB here.