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logoAdventure Gold (AGLD)

A Community-Voted Governance Token for Loot NFT Project.
  • Adventure Gold is an open-source in-game currency for Loot NFT holders. AGLD is designed to enable the Loot community to participate in governance by creating and voting on proposals via Snapshot.
  • AGLD is a community-developed governance token for the Loot NFT gaming ecosystem. The current use cases for ALGD includes:
    • Governance: AGLD token holders can submit and vote on proposals that affect the AGLD community.
  • Loot NFTs are part of an open-sourced NFT gaming project which created 8000 Loot NFTs to be claimed by anyone, at zero cost except for gas fees.
  • Note that as at October 5th 2021, there is no limit to the number of seasons, which allows unlimited minting of AGLD tokens.
  • As at October 5th 2021, the maximum token supply of AGLD is 80,000,000, and the current circulating supply is 76,590,001 (~95.74% of the maximum token supply).