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logoAavegotchi (GHST)

Collateralized Crypto Collectibles on Ethereum.
  • Powered by Aave, Aavegotchi is a type of ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) generated by staking various supported ERC-20 tokens. The Aavegotchi ecosystem introduces features including token collateral staking, dynamic rarity, rarity farming, and game mechanics governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
  • GHST is the native utility token of the Aavegotchi ecosystem and is used for the following:
    • Payment: GHST is used as the base currency for the purchase of various digital assets, such as Aavegotchi Portals, wearables, consumables, and collectibles.
    • Staking: players are required to stake GHST to mint REALM, the land parcels of the Aavegotchi Realm, as an indication of commitments to the ecosystem and safeguard against malicious behavior.
    • Governance: GHST will be rewarded to users who participate in the governance of the AavegotchiDAO.
  • Aavegotchis possess three attributes that determine their overall rarity and value, including:
    • Spirit Force: Each Aavegotchi NFT manages an escrow contract address that holds Aave-backed ERC-20 collateral, called Spirit Force, or collectively represented as an aToken. The aTokens are interest-bearing derivative tokens that are minted and burned upon deposit and redemption.
    • Traits: Aavegotchis possess multiple traits that influence their rarity, performance in mini-games, and the wearables they can equip. Some traits are generated randomly upon birth, while others depend on user-interactions with Aavegotchis.
    • Wearables: In addition to managing the aToken escrow, Aavegotchis can also manage child ERC-721 or ERC-1155 NFTs, known as wearables in the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Some wearables can increase or decrease certain traits of an Aavegotchi.
  • The project has raised 250,000 USD via private token sales, where 5,000,000 GHST tokens have been sold at 0.05 DAI / GHST.

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